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Parliament Urges Security Agencies To Urgently Address Terrorist Attacks

 Parliament Urges Security Agencies To Urgently Address Terrorist Attacks The senate has complained about the deterioration of the security ...

 Parliament Urges Security Agencies To Urgently Address Terrorist Attacks

The senate has complained about the deterioration of the security system in Nigeria, and has stated that it will withdraw its reports since 2015 in order to take immediate action to the president.

This action by the Senate followed a resolution that Senator Emmanuel Udende presented in the House of Assembly yesterday Wednesday where he complained that more than 50 people were killed in some new attacks by terrorists in some villages of the state. Benui including Kwande, Ukum, Logo, and Katsina Ala.

The council requested the leaders of the security agencies to immediately deploy security forces to deal with the ongoing attacks by armed terrorists across the country.

In his statement, Senator Adamu Aliero analyzed that the Assembly has had reports and suggestions since 2015 where he said that those who report murders are always brought and supported, towns are also burned, and people are prevented from entering their farms to do so. farming to get food.

Aliero said that now the leaders of the Assembly will take these reports to the President and they want the recommendations in the reports to be implemented.

On the other hand, the senator representing Jigawa North West, Babangida Husseini said that the Congress is doing its job to monitor the activities of the leaders of the country's security agencies and they will not be tired.

Babangida said that the Parliament has never cut the money given in the budget for security, and the Parliament is working to monitor the security activities, therefore the Parliament will sit with the intelligence department to find out where the problem is.

In his interview with the Voice of America, security expert Dr. Yahuza Ahmed Getso said that men are not involved here. The Congress should look at the situation of paying the salaries of the security officers first before looking at how to give suggestions on overcoming the lack of security.

Getso said that there are signs of fraud in the appointment because since today the Congress has been inviting the leaders of the security agencies, and they are saying that they are satisfied with the information that is being given to them. Getso said that this move will not have any effect unless the Congress cuts its funds and ensures that the security forces have enough money for their salaries and to meet their needs.

It remains to be seen what action the investigation department will take if the reports are submitted.

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